VelvEtch™ EEMP™ systems provide semiconductor device manufactures with unique capabilities, including etching, polishing & cleaning to …

  • atomically smooth surfaces and interfaces
  • damage free surfaces, interfaces and lattices structures
  • stoichiometry preserving surfaces and lattice structures
  • high selectivity, material specific electron energy thresholds
  • polymer free surfaces and sidewalls, no cleaning required
  • high etch rates, comparable to reactive ion etch rates
  • processing at room temperature, no cooling required

VelvEtch™ EEMP™ technology can be utilized to etch, pattern, smooth, polish, prep, clean and modify surfaces of wide range of materials …

  • compound semiconductors, III-V & II-V
  • quantum well material stacks, III-V & II-VI
  • silicon, germanium & low-k dielectrics
  • bio-compatible & implantable polymers
  • bio-compatible & medical device metals
  • nano-materials and nano-structures
  • process at room temperature, no cooling required

VelvEtch™ teaming with PVA TePla America to commercialize EEMP™ systems …
  • wafer stage accommodates wafers up to 300mm
  • custom stage configurations for polymers and metals
  • touch screen control for production and research
  • standard wafer fab software and data interfaces
  • send inquires through Contact page on this web site or contact VelvEtch or PVA TePla directly